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    Yulan Street, High-tech Zone, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province, China.






    Apply to industry and domestic water wells, geothermal heat pump wells.


    Used for open mining, water conservancy, power plants, road building and other blasting hole drilling projects.


    Applied to exploration and prospecting of geology, metallurgy, coal, petroleum, natural gas, groundwater and for other industries.


    Used in high-speed rail trestle piles, slop shield piles, photovoltaic power station foundation pile, power grids, civil construction, new rural construction, municipal construction, landscaping and other projects.

    HFT220 Truck Mounted Water Well Drilling Rig

    HFC-450 Vehicle Water Well Drilling Rig

    HFC-400 truck mounted water well drill rig

    HF140Y Crawler DTH Drill Rig

    HFGA47S Integrated Down the Hole Drill Rig

    HF028 Full Hydraulic Integrated Downhole Drill

    HFDX-2 Crawler Type Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig

    Tower Mounted Core Drilling Rig HF-4T

    HFDX-4 Full Hydraulic Core Drilling Rig

    HF330 Rotary Drilling Rig/Piling rig

    HF128A Hydraulic Auger Drilling Rig

    HF530 Rotary Drilling Rig/Pilling Rig

    HFPV-1 Pile Driver For Photovoltaic Solar Power Station

    HF385Y hydraulic crawle Photovoltaic Pile Driver

    HFPV-1A Solar Pile Driver

    HFZL20 Auger Piling Rig

    HFKP2500 Full Hydraulic Pressure Engineering Mode Drilling Machine

    HFSF135B Engineering Drilling Rig

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    About us

    Hanfa Group established in 1998 is a key enterprise in the industry of geological exploration and water well field, with the ability to research, manufacture and market.

    Presently,it has three subsidiaries which are Zhengzhou Hanfa Prospecting Machinery Co., Ltd.It has experienced engineers,professional R&D team, special after service team...




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    • Twelve News

      Twelve Screw Air Compressors Sent To Chile


    Twelve Screw Air Compressors Sent To Chile
    Twelve screw air compressors sent to Chile.At the end of the year, there were many dealers stocking up, and workshop workers worked overtime to produce air compressors. The weather was fine and the logistics and transportation department shipped them today.

    This air compressor to ensure that the cold temperature, oxygen condition can also be a perfect start, satisfy the bearing and all kinds of bad working condition of using the environment. For customers to solve the has the worry, greatly improve the work efficiency.

    HFJ300C Crawler Type Water Well Drilling Rig And Screw Air Compressor Sent To Djibouti
    On November 19, Hanfa Group ushered in the delivery date again, and a HFJ300C crawler water well drilling rig and a screw air compressor were sent to Djibouti. The customer is a distributor in Djibouti. At first, he was more interested in our drill bits, and kept asking for details and quotations about the drill bits. Later, in early July, the customer received an order. One of his customers urgently needed water well drilling rigs to drill wells, and then asked our engineers about the details of water well drilling rigs. Our engineers introduced the advantages and application fields of HFJ300C crawler water well drilling rig to customers in detail, and then sent some construction drawings of the machines around the world. The customers expressed their satisfaction and the cooperation was very happy!

    1. Drilling depth can reach 300m. 2. Steels quality is good, torque is large. 3. Easy operation, free-maintaining. 4. For various complex stratum, such as pebble bed, aggregate bed. 5. Saving money, compact construction, easy moving. 6. Applicable to industry, residents drilling, ground drilling, large diameter, deep drilling, footage fast, flexible and efficient.

    HF140Y Crawler DTH Drilling Rig And Air Compressor Sent To Erlianhot
    On November 17, 2020,One HF140Y Crawler DTH Drilling Rig and one screw air compressor were sent to Erenhot. After receiving the customer's inquiry, our engineer quickly contacted the customer, and after understanding the needs, introduced our company's main model HF140Y down-the-hole drilling rig, equipped with a screw air compressor. Due to the local epidemic, I was unable to come to the factory for on-site inspections, so I did not trust our group very much. Therefore, it was put aside for a while. Later, the customer saw that his friend used our machine again, and the quality of the machine was good, and the project was progressing smoothly. Therefore, the customer paid the deposit, the factory soon started production, and today, the shipment was completed. Customers also expressed their intention to cooperate again.

    HF140Y Crawler DTH Drilling Rig Whole diameter 105-165mm, with a piercing, high efficiency, Maintenance is simple, high reliability, is a mining, highway, water conservancy, power station construction and other construction ideal for drilling rig operations.