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    Company News

    Twelve Screw Air Compressors Sent To Chile
    Twelve screw air compressors sent to Chile.At the end of the year, there were many dealers stocking up, and workshop workers worked overtime to produce air compressors. The weather was fine and the logistics and transportation department shipped them today.

    This air compressor to ensure that the cold temperature, oxygen condition can also be a perfect start, satisfy the bearing and all kinds of bad working condition of using the environment. For customers to solve the has the worry, greatly improve the work efficiency.

    HFJ300C Crawler Type Water Well Drilling Rig And Screw Air Compressor Sent To Djibouti
    On November 19, Hanfa Group ushered in the delivery date again, and a HFJ300C crawler water well drilling rig and a screw air compressor were sent to Djibouti. The customer is a distributor in Djibouti. At first, he was more interested in our drill bits, and kept asking for details and quotations about the drill bits. Later, in early July, the customer received an order. One of his customers urgently needed water well drilling rigs to drill wells, and then asked our engineers about the details of water well drilling rigs. Our engineers introduced the advantages and application fields of HFJ300C crawler water well drilling rig to customers in detail, and then sent some construction drawings of the machines around the world. The customers expressed their satisfaction and the cooperation was very happy!

    1. Drilling depth can reach 300m. 2. Steels quality is good, torque is large. 3. Easy operation, free-maintaining. 4. For various complex stratum, such as pebble bed, aggregate bed. 5. Saving money, compact construction, easy moving. 6. Applicable to industry, residents drilling, ground drilling, large diameter, deep drilling, footage fast, flexible and efficient.

    HF140Y Crawler DTH Drilling Rig And Air Compressor Sent To Erlianhot
    On November 17, 2020,One HF140Y Crawler DTH Drilling Rig and one screw air compressor were sent to Erenhot. After receiving the customer's inquiry, our engineer quickly contacted the customer, and after understanding the needs, introduced our company's main model HF140Y down-the-hole drilling rig, equipped with a screw air compressor. Due to the local epidemic, I was unable to come to the factory for on-site inspections, so I did not trust our group very much. Therefore, it was put aside for a while. Later, the customer saw that his friend used our machine again, and the quality of the machine was good, and the project was progressing smoothly. Therefore, the customer paid the deposit, the factory soon started production, and today, the shipment was completed. Customers also expressed their intention to cooperate again.

    HF140Y Crawler DTH Drilling Rig Whole diameter 105-165mm, with a piercing, high efficiency, Maintenance is simple, high reliability, is a mining, highway, water conservancy, power station construction and other construction ideal for drilling rig operations.
    HF168A Rotary Drilling Rig Participate In Urban Construction
    On November 11, 2020,HF168A rotary drilling rig Participate in urban construction.

    HF168A rotary drilling rig,Simple transportation and installation,Using former-type mast, when transportion drop forward, then fold or indented and onto flat truck directly. Adopting unique design of mast,power head and forehead, easily loading onto flat truck with main machine. Compact structrue, saving space.Due to the special design of mast,great improve on drilling bucket,unloaded soil space greater,quantity of unloaded soil become more,save operate space and time.

    200 Tons Horizontal Directional Drilling Rig,Construction Site In East China Sea
    On November 6, 2020,200 tons horizontal directional drilling rig,Construction site in East China Sea.
    HF-45S DTH Drilling Rig To Philippines
    Release time:
    On October 31, 2020,a HF-45S DTH drilling rig to Philippines.The customer made an inquiry at the beginning of this month. He saw our products on Ali International website and expressed his intention to cooperate with us.After understanding the customer's requirements in detail, our engineer recommended this product to the customer, and the customer was very satisfied with it and paid the deposit immediately.The factory workers worked overtime to catch up with the goods and finally finished the work by the end of this month.

    In line with the continuous pursuit of technology, Through long-term research and development of rock drilling machinery products, Hanfa Group has developed a more economical, efficient, simple and reliable crawler open-hole drilling vehicle to adapt to the market development direction.It has been widely used in mining, urban construction and other fields.

    Nine Mobile Screw Air Compressor To Philippines
    On October 31, 2020,nine mobile screw air compressors to Philippines.The client is in urgent need of air compressor for the mine project construction. After understanding our products in detail, he expressed his satisfaction and soon paid the deposit.Due to the project emergency, our workers worked overtime and finally finished the production of this batch of products today.Good cooperation!

    Diesel mobile screw air compressors are widely used in highway, railway, mining, water conservancy, shipbuilding, urban construction, energy, military and other industries.
    More Than Ten HF056 Integrated DTH Drilling Rig To Mozambique
    On October 22, 2020, Hanfa Group ushered in a small climax of delivery. More than 10 HF056 Integrated DTH Drilling Rig were sent to Mozambique.The workers worked overtime to ensure the quality and quantity, and finally finished the work as scheduled today and delivered to the customer. The customer is a dealer who has cooperated with our company for many times and trusts our products.Looking forward to the next cooperation!

    HF056 is an All-In-One DTH drilling rig, which brings you more automation, higher working efficiency, better reliability and simpler operation.?The equipped high-performance hydraulic dust collecting system meets the latest environmental protection regulations and it's a reliable solution to realize the modern green mining.
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